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About Unique (Since 1995) Pte Ltd.

Our company began in 1995 when an offshore technician and two of his friends took their passion for cars and scraped together $4,500 to open Delco Auto Grooming Center in a rented car lot.

From that moment, one of those three friends, Chang How, knew he had found his purpose. Though the venture did not last, he pursued the enterprise in the auto industry on his own, renaming the company Unique Car Beauty Shop and moving its operations into a small workshop, which was the size of one parking space.

By 1997, Unique had just three workers and struggled to survive, with services that included interior steam cleaning, disinfecting car upholstery, auto exterior polishing and engine bay cleaning by means of used car agents.

In 2000, we added a new service: leather restoration. The company underwent a significant transformation in 2004, when Mr. Chang How upgraded to a full workshop. In 2005, we introduced customers to Unique’s signature CS-II paint sealant, a proprietary paint protection service that maintains a car’s factory-fresh paint shine as well as protect paintwork against minor scratches and contaminants such as acid rain, fallout and bird droppings.