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CS-II paint protection is not an expense, it’s an investment. After your house, your car is probably the second biggest investment you will ever make. So it makes sense to want to look after your investment. If you buy any car price guide, you will see that the difference in price between a car in poor condition and a car in excellent condition can run into the thousands. Regular maintenance can help to keep your car in excellent condition.

How long will the CS-II Paint Sealant last on my car?
The CS-II Paint Sealant can last up to at least 18 months.

If it is so good why do I need the CS-II Cleaner?
While the CS-II coating will remain on the painted surface and continue to offer protection to the paint, road film, detergent residue, tree sap, etc will collect on top of the finish and reduce the paint’s gloss. Our CS-II Cleaner is designed to remove these impurities and return the finish to its original gloss.

What are the limitations of our CS-II Paint Protection?
While our CS-II Paint Sealant offers the highest level of long term protection available to paint and resists the effects of every type of paint contamination to some extent, this product only warrants protection against weather-related loss of gloss and oxidation. Bird, bat and bee droppings, industrial pollution of various types and insects can strike the painted surface with sufficient force and chemical strength that may overcome this paint sealant’s layer of protection.In those instances, your speed in removing the contamination and drying the painted surface will determine the extent of the damage done to your paint.

What is the best way to wash the CS-II coated surface?
Use a small amount of neutral car wash shampoo with water. Sponge wash, then dry with a soft cloth or chamois. Road tar, bugs, industrial contamination, bird droppings must be removed as soon as possible.

Why can’t I use CS-II Paint Sealant on a vehicle myself?
The application is a complicated process including a series of steps, chemicals and special equipment that requires training.

Can I add wax to or polish my vehicle?
Liquid polishes and waxes contain solvents that can remove the brighteners and/or soak into the deep layers of the paint. Most waxes and polishes also contain abrasives which can damage our coating. For these reasons they are not recommended. While paste wax will not harm the finish and temporarily add to the paint’s gloss, it will not offer the paint any additional protection.

What happens to CSII Paint Sealant after 5 years?
Under normal circumstances, up to 70% of the CS-II original protection will still be remaining on the paint. The old CS-II protection can be professionally removed and the product reapplied at any time.

What about scratches or marks on my paint?
Very fine scratches may be corrected with the use of CSII Cleaner as directed. Heavier scratches may require professional attention. In some cases where the scratch has removed the majority of the paint, you might be required to do some touch up painting to cover it.

Can this product remove swirl marks on my vehicle?
Our specially trained technicians are able to remove all swirl marks and you can rest assured that no new ones will be created.

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    CS-II paint protection is not an expense, it’s an investment. After your house, your car is probably the second biggest investment you will ever make.

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