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Unique at AML 6 floor. U will see them cos they are the only one on the 6th floor carpark. Damage actual can not post here leh. But $250 still got change back lol. If you want to know more, call them at 68442235. Dont worry, ppls there are friendly and helpful.
-- Nikos --

Bro, ref the 2 years warranty, is on shine and scratches, provided your ride milage is 800 and below. (but can talk one milage was 970+.... kekeke).

After the do up, they use a device to read our "shine index". My ride shine index is 84. If within the 2 years warranty the 'shine index" drop to below shine index of 75.6 (10%) they will redo the CS II for free! Ofcause, most of us cant tahan, even 1% drop, correct? kekekeke...If so, they will charge us $50 instead of full charges as the 1st CS II for the full redo. As for scratches, they do it free for us.

Hope u understand wat i have written lol. If not, don't hesitate to ask me a again lol.
-- Nikos --
Bro, Use their preservative... car will back to shine once apply... so far happy with this product and service. On Unique since October.
-- ty --
Bro ty, They have 12, 24, and 36 months warranty lol. As wat i know, cashwash 10 bucks (with their carwash product) and 50 bucks for "re shine and gloss" within our warranty period. Btw yesterday, i went back to them after i found some fine hair line scratches on my ride and they redo the system without question ask leh.
-- Nikos --
Just went to Unique for my half yearly maintenance.

Reach there at 2pm, they start work at 3pm due to too much cars in hand. Went for a walk, came back at 6pm. Sherine told me to have a look at the car before paying. Saw some minor scratches here and there, straight away she told me NOT TO PAY HER NOW! Immediately she make an appointment for me for next Saturday after lunch time to go back and re-do the whole job again and pay when I'm satisfied.

I'm giving Uniques 2 Thumbs Up!
-- TecHr3ap3r --
hi all, just a piece of info for all bros/sis who did PPS with Unique.

If you hand wash your car yourself every week like i do, maybe u can consider getting Unique's very own car wash shampoo...

Sherine from Unique claimed it to be a mild shampoo safe for use regularly with the PPS coating. Mild it might be, i found it to have very good cleaning power... it is also extremely 'smooth' and removes dusts and dirt from the surface easily...

Definitely better than my previous car shampoo bought at the petrol station. Personally tried it for 3 washes before this post. For pricing, please contact Unique directly for details. shouldn't be expensive.
-- raikan --

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