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Just to add on to Cucumber's comments on Unique..

Did my maintenance with them yesterday... The whole process is even longer when I did it 3 months back!! My car was there from 9am till 5pm.. Guess the only break is a 1 hour lunch the worker took... So they spent a whopping 7hrs to bring my car back to the perfect shine once more... Moreover, all the swirl marks, water marks and unwanted signatures (incld human and cats) are all removed!!! And this is the best part... It only cost me $50 for the maintenance session.. Damn worth it man!!! Kudos to Unique.. Highly recommended!!!
--garf --

I am new here and my FD is on its way next month. Before my FD arrive i myself has update what is PPS @ Uniques.

Boss Chang showed me every steps of their process and i am very happy with his customer service and their workmanship.
--peak --
If u folks remember, I did PPS from Unique on 2nd day I received my ride... That was 17th Feb... Almost 3 amd a half months ago...

I was once weekly with just plain water... Still the shine is there... Yes, I park in sheltered area most of the time.

Will probably take some photos after I shower my blackie tomorrow to show u guys what I meant...

At least it works for me...
--andtoh --
It has been almost 2 months since PPS by Unique and yesterday, I used the preservation (wax-like liquid) during wash and can immediately feel the gloss all over again.

Have told her once I got my body kit up I'll go back to apply the PTFE coating on the kit.

One more thing, I did asked her about silver colors but she did not recommend it. Said something like not worth it since cannot see the difference but I think that's good of her to say so. That's honesty.
--pengful --
They removed the grey stains on my white FD when it happened just 2-3 wks after my PPS with CS-II PTFE.

They re-do for my car FOC!
I am extremely satisfied with their service.

They just kept me as a returning customer who will go back to them for my regular grooming maintenance. At $50 per visit, its quite worth it.
-- 2BHIGH --

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