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I have just done my CS II last Friday.The result was great.One bad thing is after doing it,later in the eveing,it was raining cats n dogs until it is patches all over the side doors.Overall it was good,gd service too.Bro xtreme,thanks.
-- Ryan --

Finally did the CSII PPS on my ride ystdy, more than a month since i registered for the group discount.

I keep bringing it forward coz i was really skeptical about this PPS thing.
After due consideration, decided to give it a go and really glad the result was indeed superb despite the 5hrs wait. All minor scratch from my car disappear. Service staff was good and attentive too. Money well spent
-- julee --
They removed the grey stains on my white FD when it happened just 2-3 wks after my PPS with CS-II PTFE.

They re-do for my car FOC!
I am extremely satisfied with their service.

They just kept me as a returning customer who will go back to them for my regular grooming maintenance. At $50 per visit, its quite worth it.
-- 2BHIGH --
I did my CS-II PPS about 2 weeks ago and the smoothness has disappeared since. I got worried and I called Unique. They explained that this is normal and they also offered a car wash demonstration on how to apply the preservative. (Unique gives you a bottle of preservative and a bottle of shampoo after the grooming) So I went down to Unique and the car wash took place on the 7th floor. Sherine actually came up to the 7th floor to be around and answer any questions I have. The wash consisted of a rinse spray followed by washing with the solution of 2 caps preservative to 1/4 pail water. After the wash, it was back to the 5th floor for wiping away the dried off preservative. This is what adds back to the coating and the shine. Unique also helped me remove my rear "Civic" and "2.0 iVTEC" logos. This was followed by going to the 6th floor to do touch-up buffing. Again, Sherine was around to take a look and make sure things are alright.

The best part was that it's free of charge for the car wash demonstration. This coupled with the top notch quality service provided by Unique is what makes a big difference to the customer.

For info, Unique offers $5 and $10 car washes besides the $50 for the routine maintanence. The $10 wash includes applying preservative and vacuuming.
-- Melvchea --

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