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We are new Civic owner! Have been reading this thread and seriously considering PPS. Despite the pros being more than the cons, we are puzzled why not as many people know about PPS and actually doing it! A check with some friends who have own 2 cars or driving their 2nd car - most signed up glooming coies for polishing and waxing services, which easily cost them $500-800 one time and $50 each visit and they have to do every few months! Is there something we dun know about PPS? Given that PPS costs $320 (b4 discount) and a warranty of 2 years, it is not only much much cheaper and supposely easy to maintain! Is it really that good? Can it be so much savings that typical Singaporeans dun know and not chionging for it?? If really so, we cant wait to try as PPS is only half the cost even if the warranty is half a year it is still worth, right?
--- squareeyebrow ---

I have 100% doubt about polishing and their supposingly PRESTIGES Membership which cost you $350-800 one-time or per year. What nonsense is this charge? Daylight robbery i must say.

As I shared in some other thread,
- Yearly membershit : $350
- Per polish : $50 x 6 (assuming one polish every 2mths)
- Total spent in one year is $650.

Why not take the chance and spend $320, less 20% discount (coutersy of Xtreme's great effort) that provides 18mths - 2yrs warranty?

Cost effectiveness = $650 (1yr) less $256 (up to 2yrs), the savings are HUGE.

Time efficient = each time you send the car for polishing, u loose 2hrs usage, or have to stick urself to the mall spending more money on shopping and parking charges, loosing efficiency of ur time which could be used for better things... this translate to economical value.

Consider the above and decide if you are willing to spend the $256. I hv done mine 4wks ago and it's still awesome.. WOOO HOOO
--- MC ---
I would like to state upfront that I am an existing client of Uniques’ CS II product. Otherwise, I am not associated with Unique in any other way.

You asked “Is it really that good?”
Personally, my answer is a resounding Yes. I am very pleased with the result, even up till today, 5 plus months later, and value for money too. As what you have already knew from your homework.

I stumble upon PPS in generally by chance thru this forum last year and did some searching for myself on the net then. After some comparisons and following the arguments in this forum. I picked Unique’s CS II.

I suggest you do the same for your own satisfaction and for any questions you may have on your mind. Maybe, look all the way back thru this thread, you can find some good information and arguments to some of your questions.(highly recommended)

Lastly, all the good and impressive services that you read about in this forum given by Unique, yes, I have experienced it and more. I must say, they set a benchmark that is way above most and all. With all the compliments everyone is giving in this forum, Uniques’ CS II would be known by many, if not sooner. Don’t take my words for it, take up the challenge to find out for yourself. I have Uniques CS II done up for 5 plus months now and voluntarily gone back to them once, for an assessment and interior cleaning up. They still make me feel like my first visit and the shines on the paintwork…….? Well, You look at it and judge for yourself.
-- WindRider --
for me 5 months already , very satified with the PPS sealant, cause no swirl marks until now. Just need to wash water and 1 pail enough to wash whole car. Only thing just need to take note , if bird shit drop on the paint , got to remove ASAP, for me after 1 week , the yellowish shit can be wash away but the stubborn stain can't be removed. Overall result , u will not regret it as it still shines till today.
-- Tiramisu --
Gosh, it's been such a long time since I last visited this forum. Anyway, just wanted to share with you that I'm also a satisfied Unique PPS customer.

Did my PPS in early May. Still as effective as new - I wash once a week only with water and dirt comes off very easily (actually not much dirt sticks to the slippery surface anyway). Have even cleaned my entire car using just half a small water spray mist can (like those for spraying plants) - it's that effective, just spray and wipe. I keep 2 small spray bottles handy in the boot, one just filled with normal water and the other with a diluted solution of the CS2 restoration liquid (which Unique gives free to customers). After every alternate water wash, I just spray on the CS2 solution and wipe and it feels like new - paintwork feels very smooth and slippery. Having the diluted CS2 solution in the boot is also handy if you happen to have some tough stains (like dried droppings or grime) - just spray it on - makes it easier to wipe off. Washing a car has never been simpler! Another tip - I keep 2 large micro-fiber cloths in the car, one for wiping/drying up after a water wash, the other for wiping/drying up the CS2 restoration wash. Also have a smaller one for cleaning the interior. A good quality micro-fiber cloth does help to lift off the dirt without much effort.

And like other satisfied customers have mentioned, Unique's service is good, friendly and personal. Initially I was a little sceptical of the effectiveness of all the different PPS in the market - Unique's CS2 PPS has convinced me that at least it's not all marketing hype. Now, I'm just waiting to see how long it'll last before the effect wears off - think I'll be happy for it to last just a year (though warranty says 2 years)
-- xpduck --

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