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I've had my PPS done, many thanx to Xtreme bro for the efforts to help with the list for good discount on PPS.

Something I need to ask other fellow forumers that had done PPS. Can anyone give their review of PPS after several MONTHS? Anyone that done their PPS for 3 months ago that is reading this, can you help provide your review? With the feedback, i'm sure more pple would be certain if they shd spend the money to do PPS.

As many would agree, polishing will only give you the smooth feel for about 2 weeks, and the shine would fade after about a month... what about PPS?
--- MC ---

I done my PPS in May, still look gross and shiny although I used water jet to flush away the dirt each time I was my car. However, I have never used any car washing soap.

I would like to compliment Serine and their customer services. A month after I done the PPS coating, I happened to be in Tuas area and got caught with some sand blasting.

Was pretty upset and brought my car back to Serine and they helped to touch up my car and remove some minor sandblast particles. They really provided one the the best services.
--- HuskyBeckham ---
The pple at Unique (mistaken e name as Ultra) are rather personalized with their work... maybe that's cos they're small unlike those 'bigger' PPS shops that usually will compromise on customer service when they grow too big.

I'm recommending Unique to fellow car owners too.
--- MC ---
I totally agree with Bro Beckham. The service provided at Unique is excellent! No joke! I recently took my car to wash at Unique, a service provided for their customer only. Not only did they do a good job inside n outside, they actually helped me touch up some scratches I had free of charge. Excellent! For the 10 bucks I paid for the preservation wash plus vaccuum, I came back with a spotless black car! I even promised to buy them drinks on my next visit as a small token of appreciation. Thanks to bro Xtreme for the recommendation! Cheers
--- black civic ---
It is fun to share the good lobang and discount.

Not only Uniques Products is excellant, their aftersale customer service is No. 1 is Singapore...Guaranteed.

Maybe you guys can share more information on motoring gargets and i will try to bargain for group discount from the suppliers.
--- xtreme ---

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