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I'm not an employee or anyway related to Unique, just another extremely satisfied customer singing their praises and trying to tell all workshops/groomers etc out there that if you give excellent after-sales support, you are in business with us.

As my current workplace only has parking spaces in the open spare the director, my ride is exposed to the harsh elements everyday, (and its really rain and shine everyday these days!!) Recently, think i got some dirty or acidic rain and tat left some stubborn stains all over the top surfaces that cannot be removed with normal car shampoo even. And on top of tat, careless me left my bottle of preservative in my MSCP after only my 2nd application!!

So down i went to unique trying to buy another bottle of preservative and seek advise on the stubborn stains. Out came Chang, took a look, produced a bottle of magic cleaner, tried it, and the stains are gone!!!! Gave me the bottle of cleaner and another small bottle of preservative FOC!!! And they also offered to make an appointment to remove all the stains for me!!! Now this is wat i call Gold-Class After-Sales Service!!! Of cos i was too paiseh already. So will try out the magic-cleaner with my own Gu-Lad!!!

Although non-black cars do not look as shimmeringly shinny after the PPS application, it actually provides very easy maintenance. Any dirt or stain hits the PTFE layer rather than your paintwork which Unique is able to work wonders with. If you do not have PPS or are still considering, this is definately worth a try.
--- alexlwh ---

Same here, They removed the grey stains on my white FD when it happened just 2-3 wks after my PPS with CS-II PTFE.

They re-do for my car FOC! I am extremely satisfied with their service.

They just kept me as a returning customer who will go back to them for my regular grooming maintenance. At $50 per visit, its quite worth it.
--- 2BHIGH ---
Did my Unique PPS on Sat, and car felt smooth and slippery (can't think of a better word to describe it) to the touch after that.

When I did my 1K servicing at KM this morning, I specifically told them to not use shampoo but wash only with water. However, the car no longer feels as smooth, so I'm wondering if they bothered to follow instructions.

Is it normal that the car will lose the smooth feel once it's been washed with water? I just want to confirm that my PPS has not been washed away with car shampoo by KM
--- sjlim ---
"a few days ago, i was washing my car in the mutli-storey carpark... a guy wif a white mazda3 who was washing his car beside mine suddenly came over to ask me: "What did you apply to your car? Why is it soooo SHINY like a mirror even in the dark?"

Haha... Bingo! Its UNIQUE PPS doing the magic! I proudly told him about UNIQUE PPS, the 2 years warrenty and protection as well as no more waxing & fuss free maintenance... not to forget the excellent after sales service... too bad i neither have my hp nor Unique's namecard with me.

So I picked up some namecards at UNIQUE today... will pass one to him when i bump into him in the carpark! I'm so proud of my shiny baby! "
--- raikan ---
hi all, just a piece of info for all bros/sis who did PPS with Unique.

Its been almost 6 months since i did PPS with Unique. Results are still fantastic!

If you hand wash your car yourself every week like i do, maybe u can consider getting Unique's very own CAR WASH SHAMPOO...
Sherine from Unique claimed it to be a mild shampoo safe for use regularly with the PPS coating. Mild it might be, i found it to have very good cleaning power... it is also extremely 'smooth' and removes dusts and dirt from the surface easily...

Definitely better than my previous car shampoo bought at the petrol station. Personally tried it for 3 washes before making this recommendation to u... For pricing, please contact Unique directly for details shouldn't be expensive.
--- raikan ---

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