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My experience is just the same as Bro Raikan's. The end results are really good and worth every single dollar. Really, even if the final outcome was lower than expected, the service from Unique sure made up the gap. Go check it out yourself.
--- Blackmask ---

"If I dump DIY, will seriously consider Unique, since highly reccommended!"
--- 8thCivic ---
"Oh! I received a call from Sherine last evening to check on my car's PPS conditions and to see if I needed any advices or follow-up services. It was indeed a pleasant surprise. I am really very impress with their after-sales services.
One of the many pluses for Uniques!"
--- WindRider ---
"a few days ago, i was washing my car in the mutli-storey carpark... a guy wif a white mazda3 who was washing his car beside mine suddenly came over to ask me: "What did you apply to your car? Why is it soooo SHINY like a mirror even in the dark?"

Haha... Bingo! Its UNIQUE PPS doing the magic! I proudly told him about UNIQUE PPS, the 2 years warrenty and protection as well as no more waxing & fuss free maintenance... not to forget the excellent after sales service... too bad i neither have my hp nor Unique's namecard with me.

So I picked up some namecards at UNIQUE today... will pass one to him when i bump into him in the carpark! I'm so proud of my shiny baby! "
--- raikan ---
"Went down to unique yesterday and got my PPS done on my baby. Only one word to describe their service. EXCELLENT! They even managed to remove the minor scratches I got on the bumper.

Only down side is that when I picked up my baby after the grooming session yesterday was pouring! I really hope that it will not affect the gross.....but Chan (The owner) gave me the assurance....if any problem, just bring back the car...he will do his magic!

Saw Sister petalcrmson at Unique...just wanted to say hi! Hope the rain didnt ruin your PPS either.

Finally, a big thank you to bro Xtreme....great recommendation. Must say Unique is really service orientated."
--- coolbear ---

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