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Dear bro Apes,

So sorry for the unhappiness, We sincerely appologize for what you encounter during your last visit. Cheers

--Chang How & Sherine Chan --

Hi Apes,

since your reply was pointed to me, let me say a few words.

First of all, I am not in any way affliated with CSII. Based on what you have posted, I take it as a positive feedback from a customer's point of view. If CSII take this matter positively, they could use it as 1 of KPI to improve customer satisfaction.

I have never been to nor visit CSII, am not sure how big is their venue or their operations. But, take it from their point of view. Did you make any arrangement with their before going down? If you have not, then it will not be fair for them too.

Perhaps CSII should take this opportunity to inform its customer with regards to their new arrangement.

--Gadgeter --

Hi CSII, No worries, hope you can find ways to improve on the customer service level in future.

Hi Gadgeter, Since your post was the last, so I have to reply to your post as I dont want to start a new thread. And never was I referring anything to you, hope you are not offended in anyways.

For your information, CSII never require arrangement for washing previously (I had done washing many times) and was never told need arrangement after my polish. Therefore its very fair for me to make my comments.

--Apes --

Dear All Bros & Sis,
Kindly be informed that the car wash operating hrs is as follow:

Monday - Friday
5pm ~9pm

9am ~ 9pm

9am ~5.30pm

The washes is specially for CS-II Customer only, it is not open for member of Public. All washes need not make any prior arrangement, 1st come 1st serve.

--Sealant --

Apes, Cheers. No offence taken. Replied because you made a post to me. . Since we are on this topic. I guess this is where many companies should improve on, especially those in Svc Line. It will be a step ahead if they could inform their customers 'personally' with regards to changes/additional service provided.

-- Gadgeter --

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