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I seldom post in this forum but have benefited much through the threads and reviews. Also, I have made many friends and got valuable advice through PM, especially about ICE stuff.

I just want to make some comments about this CSII treatment - it rocks! I just did mine 3 days ago and the shine is still swee swee. Also, it rained just now and I just used the micro fibre cloth given to me to wipe off the rain and in 10 mins time, the shine and smoothness is back. The cloth is also quite a marvel as a few squirts of hand wash from my office toilet and the stains all disappeared! I will see whether the shine is still there after a few months in order to have a more balanced review.

Another thing to note-their service is excellent! My wife is 8 months pregnant but she insisted to go with me to see how they did the CSII coating. We spent about 5 hours there and they treated my wife like a queen! I think I drank almost 3-4 packets of their chrysanthemum tea. By the way, the guys who did my ride were Maradona and Win Aung! How about that?! They acceded to my every request as I am quite paranoid about my car, it being only 3 days old. They had to wipe down my car at least 3 times as I was very fussy. But they only had smiles on their faces and sweat running down their foreheads. They also took a gloss test and recorded it down. If the gloss goes down within 24 months of warranty, they will touch up for free. Cool! The boss also showed me their window tint, seeing that I have not done it for my ride. However, I told him I want to check out other brands first and he was not pushy at all. Lastly, I saw at least 2 black new Hondas there. Honda engaged them on contractual basis? :)

I am not related to CSII at all, just wanted to share a pleasant experience and great product. Do check them out and I'm sure I will engage their services again if needed...

--Braveheart7172 --

I think most of us who have met Sherine in person can vouch that she is a very friendly person. To me, I was really surprised at how she is so patient in explaining things to me.. and personally making sure that things are to my satisfaction. To me, she's one of the most service-oriented bosses I have ever met.

Thumbs up to Sherine. Give her a break lah... she's really very busy. All your questions can be answered if you read up their website. Don't need her to repeat everything here right?

--Tiek --

Sherine and team's services have been good. The crew is patient and take effort in ensuring things are done proper. In business, folks do not normally comment about their competitors or their products.

--Flight_skoda --

Yes yes! i did my PPS today! i must say the staff are all really nice and patient! thumbs up for every one of them! i might even go back to them to do car wash etc when i am 2 lazy to wash myself!

--Chewbacca80 --

Sad to say.. don't expect miracles. I have done mine for nearly 2 mths. Shine is fading off sloooowly... and swirl marks do appear. Having said that.. not having to wax and polish every few weeks makes it worth the money for me. Just need to wash and apply the preservation fluid (total 1/2 hr job) and the car shines!

-- Tiek --

I just did my PPS yesterday. Sherine and the staff did a very good job. I was late to collect my car and she's still very patient to explain the detail of the work. Thumbs UP and Tks!!!

--Djsadist --

Juz come back from CS-II PPS. Overall Sherine and her staffs did a great job. Thanks alot and 2 Thumbs up for Sherine and staffs.

--Jpgyip --

Got my Cheverolet - Captiva TRANSFORMED by extremly delightful and pleasant staff at CS-II. Kudos to Sherine and her staff for excellent work.

--Sunny123 --

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