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how you know... these days.. i hardly wash my ride that often as before... you see, you touch, you know... okie that's what people in VOGS also mentioned when there was this hype over toughseal.. a competitor PPS... i have also seen, touched, and i known cars who have been pps.. mmz.. over a period of time... but really doesn't last... if ur ride is 24/7 in open air carpark.. pps will not last... forget about PPS, if your car is in open air carpark 24/7 diy better.. its about making informed decisions...


aiya... in our country with sun and rain anytime, anywhere wat we coat, paste, stick, wax, polish on our cars will not be a 'miracle' your previous post irked me cos obviously u have judged the products purely from hearsay. and we know everyone has a diff perference, so hearsay opinion shld only be taken like a pinch of salt. furthermore, tuff and CSII is two diff brand of products. in additional, the guys who coat it have diff skills. personally, i have not seen tuff PPS before so i cannot comment how they really fare. i had a good fren, lady Vios driver, white ride, who uses PPS. dunno wat brand tho. one year from now, the car is still sparkling white so white that her solar flim looks too dark a tone! pardon me if my earlier sound strong. but all i meant was that we shld judge for ourselves wat each product can or cannot do. and if it suit our needs and want for our cars.

--Jonbummer --
Hi WEIXIANG_06, hmm.. So far they are not so irate to me lah, they are juz trying to clear doubts, juz need to explain to them what is happening and most important someone must be there to solve their problem and needs. For Toughseal, we do not know how they works, guess those doing with Toughseal should go back to them and check it up with them within the warranty period. That is what the warranty for. (But of course dun take for granted that PPS done, dun have to maintain still will get the shine lah) Perhaps, they should have some instruction to follow to maintain the car, guess should check with the boss on their maintenance part. Over at my side, The maintenance with the preservation is DIY, you do not have to come to me if needed, eg. a black color car will most likely come to me 6 months later to clean away those cobweb mark or fine scratches which lie on the surface of my sealant (Cobweb create by car wash)and there is a charges of $50 for the process. With the continuous use of the Preservation, it will build up a tough, non chip elastic finish. As you are aware that Singapore weather is either sunny or rain.Paint Protection is to maintain your car much easily,prolong the penetration from acidic stain within certain period and prevent from light scratches.

--Sealant --
I did the PPS (CSII)last Sat at Unique, my FD1 look swee liao [cool] . Unfortunately, bcos of heavy rain this few day, my white FD1 gana oil stain on the 4 wheel.... heart pain lah [:/] ...lucky, called shirine, she said they will help to remove the stain foc this coming sat [sweatdrop] . I must said Unique gv very good after sale service....

--Fofo --
I book CSII during motorshow, paid $232. Unique gv free leather treatment for my white FD1 + 1 bottle of preservation & 2 bottle of car wash. I tried to remove oil stain tis evening using the preservation, miracle! oil stain removed liao and look swee swee again cheer...

-- Fofo --
Thanks sherine. This is exactly how my car looked like after CSII PPS, even though my car is 20 months old. They really got good service and spend so many hours on your car that the price doesnt seem to justify the result you get. CSII, must try lah.


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