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Perhaps you have been con by some unprofessional who claims to be PPS lah, Anyway different pple act differently, some enjoy to do it DIY, some would prefer packages or some would like to go for PPS, thats why detailing products/ shop is getting more and more to serve different pple here.

Hope you are not offended, huh.

--Sealant --

Bro....Cool down lar, they never "Touch" & "See" the finished product themselves, that is why they make ssssssooooo negative comments....

--Sgoz147 --
the armour is not miracle...

it cannot protect you from
- chips
- scratches
- dents (obviously)
- bird**** / stains and etc....

being too ride
- liable to people's itchy hands....

haiz.. i have seen some nice rides kenna this before. the ride so but got one big ugly deep scratchmark... obviously by vandals... try parking in the open air carpark.. then ur ride can bird****, then without u knowing.. got baked in the sun for half a day.. it will be **** to remove...

-- Weixiang_06 --
yup, me thinking hard indeed on it. some pple just make judgement from hearsay wat to do? too narrow visioned, if u ask me. anyway i did not bother to see wat others had to say. we see, we touch, we know.

bro Weixiang_06, one moment u mentioned u luv to DIY cos it gives good shine then u suggest good shine is not good cos itchy fingers/hands are aplenty?

so unless u are saying u do not wash your car at all or your ride has many finger prints/ palm mark?

anyway i reckon sis Sealant did gave u a better understanding of the product. that include nothing can be a miracle 'cure' to environmental conditions.

--Jonbummer --

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