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It has been more than 2 months since the PPS and i am proud to say that my black civic is still as shiny. I had a post last week stating that a stranger who was washing his ride beside mine commented that my civic is very shiny and asked what did i do to it. The answer is Unique PPS.

Please do not be worried that after the PPS, the shine will be gone soon because Unique's lasting PPS formula is different from other companies. Furthermore we are also given a special "preservation solution" to wash our car with which will preserve and maintain the shine on the PTFE sealant.

Look at the whole PPS as a whole package rather than a one time service. Consider also the protection on your paintwork by the PPS. There is also a 2 year warrenty on shine and protection. Unique also provides excellent after sales services as experienced by many of us here. So why should you be worried? Visit their office, hav a talk with sherine or her husband chang to understand more about their products. See for yourself the live samples. No obligations really, they are not those hard core salesperson who will pressure you to commit.

Lastly, just want to comment on DIY products. I have tried many including very established brand on my previous ride but they are often not lasting (2 or 3 weeks) and extremely tedious to apply every now and then.
--- raikan ---

Got mine done too... what can I say? They are really meticulous! :)
--- bogeyman ---
"I got my job done last Thursday. Satisfied and very impressed by both Shirleen and Chang's thoroughness on the job."
--- bogeyman ---

"Hv collected my ride on 10/May & hv hd the PPS & Bosch Air-con filter done at Unique on last Saturday. The result was fantastic with absolute satisfaction. Not to forget, the service & courtesy extened by bosss Shirleen & Chang were superb. By the way, hope you will also provide those Micro Fibre wash cloth/mit, drying towel & etc for our usual exterior maintenance for our Honda Civic clud buddys' FD after the PPS for the same. Nonetheless, the complmentary micro fibre dusting/detailing towel given by Unique was superb."
--- xtreme ---
"Got my PPS done and Bosch aircon filter installed yesterday at Unique's UBI branch. Quite happy with it, though on my silver FD the results don't look as spectacular as on the black ones. They even showed me how to remove the glovebox & aircon filter in case I needed to do it myself. Sherine's friendly and patient.

Only thing I didn't realize is I now have to wash the car myself (using just water) instead of sending to Caltex manual snow-wash like I always did with my previous ride - apparently the snow-wash chemicals and high-pressure water jet if used too closely on the car body might affect the PPS (2-yr warranty doesn't cover that). Also the cloth/sponges they use might have trapped dirt that will scratch the paintwork."
--- xpduck ---

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