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IMHO, CS-II is pretty under-rated compared to the so called big names like Glare, etc. I did up my ride, an MX5 as well but a 91 model, at Unique too. Must say that washing the car is a breeze after the treatment, just plain water and the surface is smooth as silk again.

For me, I will recommend this to anyone who is looking for more than just a protection on their rides. In return, you will also receive great customer service and after service support should you be not satisfied down the road. I am one such happy customer

ps: I am in no way related to Unique except being a happy customer
--Xefera --

hey u seen the products used before? or have u tried? u seen & touch the finished rides before?

i guess the ans to the qnns are a resounding NO, ya?

so i do suggest u stop shooting off your mouth calling others products or services 'bu*l*hit'

CS II is a paid advertiser here in MCF so i do believe the mod and admin know and filter Snake Oils before
they allow them to advert here.

also, you have to understand for Almost Every Products there will be pro and cons Klasse + JW +OCW is the best?? there will be others who dispute that, i'm sure.

i was suspicious of such products before, but seeing and touching is believing. and i have seem and touched the finished rides before.

so pls make more qualified remarks on product than just putting it down with your own closed unresearched remarks. else, the egg will be on your face instead


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