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ah weng wrote:

Shadow_warrior88 wrote:

Okie, to be fair to Unique and Sherine, I will bring my car down to see what they can do about my bird dropping holes on my bonnet(can see the inner metal), scratches, and lack of shine.
Did my CSII in Feb 06, and now nearly Nov Will post my findings to the forum with before/after pics after that. If can resolve the paint, I am sure more of VOGS group will be convienced of PPS right?

got hole means your paint kena eaten off liao? then doesn't that fundamentally prove that pps can't save you too?how will they resolve without patching up the paint? scratches and lack of shine... both can be solved by a simple polish/wax, no need pps also. so i don't see any reason to be convinced. why? read 1st para.

Hi Bro shadow_warrior 88,

Well..., make full use of the warranty since it is still valid, even though the part that has been etch into the hole can't be help, the rest of the body still can be help, Why not? Loss of gloss is under the warranty, Why waste the money for Polish or wax??? Towards this, it is not about to convinced but the after-sale service we provide. Beside profit, what we are looking for is our happy and satisfied customer.

Anyway, looking forward to hearing from you soon


Unique (Since 1995) Pte Ltd
--Sherine 1995--

Finally went down to get my PPS checked with Unique. Here's the review

1. Service- 5 stars.
I went in about 1130am and they did my car up to 7-8pm. I watch them wash my car, attend the the areas I pointed out to them, apply the CSII PPS(they now have a better product, version 2)
There was so much work done on my car, and they had so many cars to do, but they gave the car the beauty treatment, working on the outside, and even cleaning inside, under engine hood etc.....
I feel pai sai almost 8 hours on my car and there were so many cars, their business is really very good.

2. Shine and removal of Bird shit marks
The old Bird shit marks on the front panel was completely removed by their trained staff, and I am happy on that. The back had 4 birdshit marks (from last dec season of heavy raining, shows you how powerful and sticky birdshit is)and they were reduced significantly and smoothen. Simply, if it doesnt eat into the metal significantly, they can remove it.
I have not seen my car shining with such a deep shine since, I think I got my car. When I first brought it there, my blackie looked like a greyie next to all the new cars they were coating, after they did the work, I can say, its as deep black as the new cars- Paint restored. I was driving around to show off to some of my friends, and they all said good things about the paintwork.

3. Honesty-
They honestly told me, they had upgraded the product since the last time. This is really 5 stars because many times you go back to workshops, they will find excuses or say its your fault etc... They were really candid. Sherine gave me a new 18 month warrenty, and now their product comes with a shine test- 90 rating. If you lose more than 10% shine in the 12 months, you can come back and recoat(I think its free)

4. Bonus
They now have this new service, car washing, where they will wash and apply the restoration protection for only $10. This will remove scratch marks and maintain the shine. For lazy people like me, its like a gift from heaven.

So in short, if you want to do PPS, you should go down to Unique. I dont really meet service providers that give you such individual service, reasonable prices and are honest. They now have checks and balance that help live up to their warrenty of show room shine. So just like going to a good mechanic to do servicing, I want to have a peace of mind, I have peace of mind when I trust my paintwork to them. I will try to go for the car wash every 2 weeks.

It has been almost 3 weeks since I did my car. And its still shining and I havent even washed my car. Thumbs up for Unique 1995.

To each his own lah brothers.
My CO loves the shiny deep black now. Looking at other black cars on the road, I dont need to just admire anymore, I also blackie, deep shiny blackie.

Chinese new year coming, so I am going to arrange with Sherine to "wash" the car with Preservation liquid so I can show chio chio, fierce black car to relatives......hahahahha.
Unique even send me chinese new year card...thumbs up for after sales service.... only car service to do so.
Any bro want to see the results of CSII on a 20 month old car and paintwork PM me, or we can go down together


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