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Shadow_warrior88 wrote:
Roughly 1 year after PPS- CSII paint protection, this is the result
1. Deep hole because of bird shit on bonnet, even buying touch up paint from gary didnt help. I left it there for 2 days, very deep hole.
2. Bird shit on roof, saw it only yesterday. Tried to wipe it off today. Still got markts.
3. Many scratches
4. Washing, must dry throughly otherwise, still ugly water stains.
5. No more shine, since I dont know when.

Conclusion- this is supposed to warrenty 18 months, and they say can last 5 years. Just advertising. The only time I was happy was when I first took it back, it was super shiny. I never saw that shine again. Better save money go and polish once in 3 months and seal rather than spend 200-300 plus and only see it once.

Anyone know what will happen to the PPS if I go and polish and wax?


Hi bro,

CS -II Paint Protection System is suppose to protect your paintwork and easy maintenance, however even with the protection, you will still need to maintain your car by regular car washes and the preservation wash given by CS-II.

The warranty include oxidation, fading, crack induce by weather and loss of gloss. If you think your car is not shining, why not give us a call and see if we are able to help (since written warranty is given, why wasted), Scratches is unavoidable, having CS-II paint protection is not Anti-scratches, you will still see hair line scratches or cobweb which is created by car wash after some times. The hard high gloss protective skin that CS-II gives, prevent road salts, traffic film, acid rain,tree sap and other atmospheric pollutants from contacting your car paintwork. Nitrate etching caused by bird droppings as long as it is washed off within 24 hours and retreated with CS-II Preservation.

Once treated with CS-II process, you will never have to polish your car again. To maintain the car appearance, simply wash down with CS-II car wash and Preservation. Test have shown that no paint protection can last indefinitely without some form of maintenance.

We would be glad if you could give us a call @ 6844 2235 or pm me so that we could resolve your paintwork problem ASAP.


--Sherine 1995--

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