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we did CS-II today at Unique.. those guys were meticulously, spotting little "dots" and "lines" with their naked eyes.. those "imperfections" were not even visible to our eyes even if we stare at them..

we also met sherine who gave us a full 20 minutes explanation of what the coating is about and how to go about maintaining it, down to how to remove bird droppings correctly.. after the work was completed, we were given another briefing by Chang How.. there was even a live demostration of how to use the product to clean the ride to ensure preservation of the coating.. thumbs up for Unique..

let us all be frank, no amount of coating can withstand our harsh weather and the "act of god" (or act of birds, at times..).. so all bros and sistas, please remember that regular maintenance such as washing and removal of act of "birds and trees" are essential..

thanks Unique, for bringing the *blink* to our ride!

I did mine one week ago... and i must say the end result is fantastic.. they also explained to me how to do maintenance on my own and it is really not that difficult at all... it is a matter of whether one is hardworking enough to maintain the ride or not... by the way, my ride is black and i could understand how difficult it is to maintain the color and shine, especially under Singapore's weather conditions... when i was there to collect my ride after the treatment... i was like... wow! so so shinning...
I have been reading this thread for some time and have been trying to hold back my comments as most of you guys also know that I was amongst the first few to do my PPS with Unique and also responsible for the GB with Unique to get permanent discounts for all FDians. Some of you guys also knew that I drop by their place once in a while to chat, but rest assure that I am just voicing my view without any prejuidice...

I have been using Autoglym for my last ride and was asking around (took me 2 mths to decide) till I came across Unique. I did my car up on the 3rd day after collection (19th of Feb 2006). To date, I make it a point to wash my car once a week (worst case is a fortnight) and I must say the shine is still fantastic. To improve the shine further, I also make it a point to send my ride to them for regular maintance (every 6 mths).

Seriously speaking, PPS is NOT magic and neither going to perform miracles on your ride if you don't take care. Swirl marks?? Come on, unless u dun ever wash ur ride, there is bound to be swirl marks after repeated washes... Even in the days when I was using Autoglym products. I think everyone here sure knows how swirl marks come about. All is needed is some small particles landing on your ride and you land your colth over it and wipe. I have been using expensive cloths I bought from Autoglym but still it will only reduce the amount of swirls and not totally even on my last ride. Black cars tends to be more obvious, but that's the price to pay for the colour chosen!!!

If there is anyone who claims that their polish can withstand any swirls, I woukd seriously like to try it out personally as I had spoken to quite a few companies while I was shopping around and was mostly told about how impossible it is to have NO swirl marks after repeated wash. Be a smart buyer and look at things from a wider perspective before passing remarks just by hear say. All I can say is, I am satisfied with the service and product so far and I suggest bros or sistas with doubts to openly discuss about it and not to deter other's decisions by passing unfair remarks about the product. Thanks.
Roughly 1 year after PPS- CSII paint protection, this is the result
1. Deep hole because of bird shit on bonnet, even buying touch up paint from gary didnt help. I left it there for 2 days, very deep hole.
2. Bird shit on roof, saw it only yesterday. Tried to wipe it off today. Still got markts.
3. Many scratches
4. Washing, must dry throughly otherwise, still ugly water stains.
5. No more shine, since I dont know when.

Conclusion- this is supposed to warrenty 18 months, and they say can last 5 years. Just advertising. The only time I was happy was when I first took it back, it was super shiny. I never saw that shine again. Better save money go and polish once in 3 months and seal rather than spend 200-300 plus and only see it once.

Anyone know what will happen to the PPS if I go and polish and wax?

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