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hulo all bro & sis...

me jus a passer by... and also someone who had done the CS2 for a coming to 2 months.

Not siding anyone.... Me think CS2 boss did highlight to us that the coating is not maintenace free, we still need to wash and maintain it ourself... (sound reasonable)

From the time till now, I follow the boss recommendation, use their shampoo to wash the car, and also use the preservative. Although my ride is black and watermarks can be seen easily, but it is very easily wash off. After using the shampoo, u cant find any water marks left... and it's quite ez, just wash once and wipe off (wipe dry) and it swee swee liao

I dunno what's other bro expectation here for a "shiny" car... but to me, i find that the price we paid for CS2 is reasonable (at least to me.... other bro have other thoughts pls dun bomb me... ) and the end result is more than acceptable (to me).

Alot of the discussion here is abt swirl marks, I agree we can see some swirl marks, but that's only when i get close enough to the car when my nose is going to touch the paint... guess not many bro will appreciate their car this way right?!

Anyway, it's all up to individual to believe what is good for their car, for me... at this point of time ... this CS2 is within my acceptance zone... So those who have doubts abt any grooming company... go luk luk see see walk walk hear hear lah... then u make a decision yourself, end of the day it's your choice and your car... cheerS

This is not an endorsement, but In a word of fairness, many many bros dat i've known are using CS-II, and this is the first real complain i've heard (several months ago, till now) in over 1.5 years.. most (all actually, till now) of the feedback i received were positive.
l have done CS2 more than a year ago. I am one of those who doesn't really take care of my car, wash my car < 6 times a year. To make things worse, I park in open air carpark every weekday during office hours, taking in tree sap and bird shit.

With all these in mind, I'm very sure whatever CS2 I got 1 year ago is definately gone. I booked for a maintenance appointment with them expecting them to have a siong time trying to restore my car to a reasonable condition.

I believe I met Chang How there for the first time this afternoon. Initially, he didn't know that I have done CS2 before because the whole car looks terribly dirty and no shine at all. I took the opportunity to ask him if he could tell if there were any CS2 left on the car. He tested on a small area of the car, a quick wash < 5 min (I think he did use a clay bar and some shampoo). I was surprised! that area was shiny and smooth as new! This definately is not like another brother claim, that the "coating wash off easily", it's more like dirt coating wash off easily. The coating is still there after 1 year of torture in the sun, with tree sap and birdshit.

I also appreciate the fact that he advice me not to do maintenance now and touch up some deep scratches first. They help me to touch up quite a few areas and now I need to wait for the paint to dry before going for my maintenance next week.

Now, I'm driving around with a dusty and ill-maintained car body and a patch of shiny boot area. Any brothers want to see the effect of CS2, you can come and view my car before I go for maintenance next week!

To be fair, I can't say much about swirl marks that some bros mentioned. My ride is silver so swirl or no swirl makes little difference.
I am just a passer-by like bro jojo ..

i am not siding anyone here just my own personnal comments

i did my CSII days after collecting my ride and till now the result is excellent .. my work area is Toh Guan and can imagine the dust around
so far i do not see any problem to my ride till now .. even the dust and dirt is so easy to clean off .. even for bird shit .. i experience left it there after 2 days with the bright sun shine and i can even wipe if off easily without any marks left before

am very pleased with the result and have recommended quite a few collegue there and they are happy customer too ..
am not related to CSII but just my own comments.

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