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great job

done PPS CSII on tuesday and the effect was fantistic the feel of the paint was very good
went back for the wash today coz the car was dirty and the wash bring back exactly the same as it was when i collected the ride on tuesday

thanks for the great job

maybe i am just one of the 'sway ones', but having to respray a brand new car after a few months really hurts. i have nothing to complain about their level of service or the offer they have given me to rectify the damage, but it still hurts... i am sure bros who are proud of their rides out thr wil feel the same if the same happened to them...
anyway, they have offered to respray the damaged areas and recoat at no extra cost, think i must be one of their customers whom they are losing money on! heehee...

anyway, sherin, thks for entertaininng me on my car and hpefully, this time it will be the last time i need to respray my car...
like i mentioned earlier, it looked fabulous in the beginning and i felt that it was the best thing that i have done for my car... but after a month the problems started up and from then on, i guess the bros have heard the story... i am in no position to say whether the product is good or not, but i think that it is more the workmanship that is in question here... if any of you ever have the opportunity to sit there and see the way they do it, you will understand my concerns... i was there watching them do my ride during the second coat and i can tell you that the way they buff the coating on, it is a wonder that there is any paint left at all.. when i was telling one of the staff that there were watermarks under the coating (also guaranteed against watermarks if you read the warranty brochure), he just took up a machine and started applying force to the coat! i was too shocked at first to realize what was happening... but fortunately i stopped him in time. i could alrady smell the paint work or the coating burning! anyway, for me, it is all water under the bridge... the only reason i am still posting on this topic is to advise bros here of the pros and cons of PPS. if you want to start, you better have deep pockets and be prepared to pay for your 'maintenance wash', which they claim wld have prevented all that... last word, diy is still the best...!!! cheers!
I seldom post in the forum but I saw the way you post I really can't Tahan leh! if u can smell something burning on the paint do u think there is still clear coat left on your car? the way u wrote like making a movie think if i want to shoot a movie clip i can call u.By the way thank you for the info. Just for your info we always encourage our customer to stay around to see what they are paying and what we are doing on their car.
mjs, that means u so call pps coating need to use buffer to buff on? if our new car paint work is gd y u need the polishing buffer, i understand those polishing buffer will creat all this swirl marks. last time my old car also did those normal polish they do the same things in the end of the polish the surface gd very shining no scratches at all because there is a layer of coating or wax on top to cover all those swirl marks. but after a few washes ( a month or 2 ) the layer wash off thats where u will c all those swirl marks appear ( under the hot sun or spot light ). from what i understand once the clear coat damage ( swirl marks ) very diff. to recover it bk right?
Dear Bingo, Guess You would like to come over and see how we actually done up the car before you would comment something in which you are not sure and at the same time you can have a better understanding how we do it, what kind of buffing machine we are using and how well is the car paint work looks after the wash and you will know why is there a necessary to use a buffing machine. We do welcome you guys to come and look see look see how we work even if you are not doing with us.

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