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hi there... new here too.. have got PPS fm Un***e and dunno whether i am unlucky or wat... now have to consider respraying the whole car! first it was only the boot... not i got pittings all over the car under the so called PPS.. i think what a lot of the ppl here say is true... best is stil to DIY every cpl of weeks, put in the cpl of hrs and see the fruit of ur labours!
--alvinlow76 --

Did you go back to them and see what they could do? The reviews I've read about them seemed very positive, and with good after-sales support too. I am actually contemplating their services... just a little worried if sending my car so early to them will do more harm than good.
hi, i think you can always go back to the workshop and show them your observations to your car after the PPS. I did that after i the PPS and looked at the car in brighter light. I observed that there were water marks or some fine lines underneath the paint which i cant remove at all. It is common to have such marks to be trapped under the telfon coating, esp when the PPS is carried out in late evening with relatively poorer lighting.

The workshop is more than happy to redo the affected portions at NO extra charge (few hours involved).
Hi Alvin, Sorry for not being able to see to the problem personally when you are here the last week for the recoat of the rear boots (as we are busy wif the renovation at the new shop). We would be glad if you could bring in your car to our new location any of the day from tomorrow to rectify the problem .
Sherine Chan
--mjs --
hmmm sad to hear what happened after your PPS....

But i did mine on the second day after collection......1 month liaoz....shine still there,,,,somemore only wash car once.....water stain marks fairly easy to remove..maybe my car silver.....easier to maintain.....

hop all works out for you....

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