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I just did my PPS yesterday. Sherine and the staff did a very good job. I was late to collect my car and she's still very patient to explain the
detail of the work. Thumbs UP and Tks!!!
-- Djsadist --

Unique PPS - Field Report (FR)
A day before the actual slot, called up Sherine to re-confirm the appointment. Sherine courteously checked her appointment book and re-confirmed the schedule. She also reminded that the work is to be carried out in their new workshop located at Blk 3016A, Ubi Rd 1, #01-09.

On actual day, reached the workshop on time at 9am. Parked my car and approached the staff wearing smart red polo-T bearing CS-II logo, let them know my car plate no and appointment time. Without delay, the 1st procedure commenced without any whistle blowings.

Firstly, its determining the car's existing condition with staffs scrutinizing my ride for any damages, scratches, dents, severe water marks, etc. A lady by the side notes down every single details. After that, i need to sign off that paper acknowledging the current car condition. Understandably, this is a fair procedure to protect both parties from any "out of the blue" damage claim after they lay their hands on the car.

Next is car washing time with soap and generous amount of water spraying. Then, the car is dried up and the scrubbing works commences.

While the work is carried out, i was ushered to the waiting room. Very cozy room, with big LCD TV, DVD player, lots of DVDs & Audio CDs, magazines, and not forgetting air-con!. This cozy room can keep customers happily waiting for the car to get done. While waiting, the lady staff also courteously offered soft drinks. Then when approaching lunch time, the same lady staff also kind enough to point the way to the nearby coffee shop. Very good customer-oriented service here. Staff working on PPS also breaks for lunch from 12-1pm.

After lunch the scrubbings continues for another 2 hours. Then the car goes to shower again, dried up and the Teflon coat get applied. Then the general cleaning proceeds, i.e. clean mirrors, vacumm, tyre shine spray, etc. I was hoping the dash board get cleaned as well, but alas it was not in the cleaning list. During this time Sherine shared with me that one still needs to take care of the car even after the coat applied. The thinking of "apply PPS, and the car would have a coat made of Superman's skin able to withstand eveeery damn thing" - is a myth. General rule of "you take care of your car, your car will take care of you back" still applies.

After general cleaning the teflon coat get wiped off clean and the last coat get applied by hand. Point to note is that they even did not miss out the door handle "hole" part where there are quite some scratches visible. That part was cleaned by hands. The finale is when the last coat gets wiped off and phew, the end-result was breath-taking. Put it simply, I got reminded again why i insisted on OSS black color at KM showroom. The black shininess becomes superb mirror-like again; every dollar spent is worth it.

Billing time. The lady staff uses a device called Horiba Gloss Meter to record the glossiness of the paint finish. My black ride recorded 86 GU. The warranty covers 18 months against 10% drop from this number i.e. the glossiness not likely to drop to 77 GU. Next - the "freebies". 2 bottles of solutions and a cloth were given i.e. a) CS-II Preservation b) CS-II Car Wash c) Microfiber clearning cloth. The guidelines on how to take care of the car were carefully explained. All my questions were answered patiently. Payment can be by cash, credit card or drive away and send them a cheque later on.
- 18 months guarantee covers oxidation, fading, climatically induced cracking and loss of gloss.
- the guarantee is also transferable to new car owner, provided the new owner informs within 28 days after the ownership transferred.
- the guarantee is also transferable to new car owner, provided the new owner informs within 28 days after the ownership transferred.

Guarantee limitations:
- the treatment must be applied at a CS-II approved dealership for the guarantee to be valid.
- there must be no evidence of color fading, flaking, climatically induced cracking prior to the process being applied.
- any areas repaired or replaced through accident or damage must be retreated immediately by an authorized CS-II dealer and the detail noted on the guarantee.
- The guarantee shall be invalidated by reason of the following:
a) Vandalism: Any evidence of willful acts or omissions affecting the vehicle's bodywork or painted surface.
b) Damage by road stones: Damage to the vehicle by any missle or force capable of breaking the treatment's surface i.e. pebbles, large stones, pieces of rock or other similar objects.
c) Animal or vegetable deposits eg. bird lime. Any animal or vegetable deposit must be washed off within 24Hours, otherwise etching or discolouration may occur. Failre to this likely to invalidate the guarantee on inspection. No paint finish, however good, can withstand the prolonged effects of such corrosive matter.
- Mechanical car washes and jet washes will eventually damage the PPS unless the preservation is used. No PPS, however good, can withstand the regular use of these machines unless a product such as preservation is used.

- Professional quality work.
- Showroom quality finishing.
- Reasonable price.
- Cozy waiting room.
- Nice location, easy to find.
- Courteous staff.

- Long waiting time (6 hours of work + 1 hour lunch time)
- Dash board is not part of the cleaning list.
-FD-Eye --

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