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I'm not sure of the technology, pros-cons of teflon or non-teflon. For my ride, the PPS was done in July 06 and the shine is still capturing glances. In fact, i kept getting questions like "is this a new car?" or "new coat of paint?".

Be it 18mths or 24mths warranty, to me, if it last 12mths, i'm happy with it. Here's my basic justification before deciding on PPS:
- Car Polish Shops
- Annual membership of about $300-400/yr (is this some prestiges membership?? crap)
- Per polish cost $50-80
- Average shine last 1-2mths thus have to polish ever 2mths = 6 times per year.
- Looking at cost, $300 (min) plus ($50x6) = $600/yr.

Comparing that with PPS which cost in the region of $250 (after discount), it makes better $$ sense to go for PPS. Apart from direct savings, i also do not need to waste time sending the car for regular polishing or DIY.

On benefits of PPS, i'm ignorant too, but here's my perception.
- Provides a smooth finishing, thus the extra showroom shine.
- Protects the paint from weather/environmental conditions.
- removes swirl lines and does not contribute to further abrasion swirl lines
- able to withstand bird droppings and stains
- Cosmectically more beautiful car, preserving the paint and shine.

With these considerations, PPS is the way to go..
-- MC --

its awesome...recommended by bros here
the day i collected my ride from unique last thursday, it was raining all the way till this afternoon..really heart pain.. but when i washed it just now, can really see and feel the difference now that the cs-II sealent is there...
-- jalibhoy --
U shd do the PPS to let them remove the wax, show u the hidden scratch mark, let them remove the marks and coat with PPS to protect the paintwork. Afterwhich they guarantee the shine for 18-24 months while washing is a breeze. Its a life example on my white ride. :)
-- Zo (lancerzo58) --

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