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I have done my new Civic PPS by Unique yesterday, it took six hours but I think the service worth for the money spend.

Thanks for Brother raikan for introduce the product in ths forum and special thanks to Brother xtreme for his help to reserve slot with Sherine and offer 20% discount to fans of this forum.

Sherine and her husband are really great person, nice and friendly and very outstanding quality of service provided by their team.
--- penn ---

I am very impressed with the job, their knowledge (I used K-guard before 4 yrs ago, similar process, we talk about that), their friendiness (even got to drink "tong soui" dessert Chan made), and their out-of-their-way help (my session ran late passed 6pm, and I had to pick up my kids, and it has rained earlier, and PPS still not done, and they loan me their car without hesitation (which they have just sold off, yesterday the last day they are holding it) to me to pick up my kids. Yesterday's traffic was RIDICULOUS after the heavy downpour, and I only got back to Unique at 8.20pm !! Wanted to buy them supper but they refused.

Very nice people, doing honest business, providing great customer service. We need more of such people out there !! Of course not forgetting Bros like Xtreme and Andtoh for all the good lobang too !!
--- Spurs ---
Hi all, just returned home from Unique, so just some updates on the big long scratch on my car... its been removed!!!

According to Chang (Sherine's husband), the scratch is on the PTFE layer on top of my paintwork, my original paint is only slightly affected by the scratch. So they removed the telfon layer, did polishing on my paintwork (removing top layer of paint to remove minor scratch mark), and covered that patch with PTFE sealant again! All these within an hour and FOC!!!
This is really excellent after sales service!

I really urge everyone here to go to them for PPS service irregardless whether your car is new or old... Unique does wonders to your paintwork! For those new to this forum, Unique provides excellent Paint Protection Service (PPS) by coating a layer of PTFE sealant to protect your paint from harmful external elements such as acid rain, UV rays etc... also with the PTFE sealant, u do not have to wax your car anymore! Maintaining your car paint is also much easier! Wat else? If ur car is being scratched like mine, the telfon coating can actually shields your paintwork from part of the scratch. Furthermore, there is a warrenty period for shine and protection for up to 2 years!

okay, before u guys are mistaken, i'm not a sales person from unique, just one of their many satisfied customers
--- raikan ---
I would like to include you for the PPS. Really, it is Xtreme, who did all the co-ordinations with Unique and he is doing a great job!

On my part, I just call Sherine and arrange for a suitable time. Then be there and watch them did the transformation. Personally, It is everything and more that all the postings in this forum had described.

They did a wonderful job! What really impresses me most was the attitude, passions and love they put into their work with pride!!!

It was an enjoyable and satisfying day I spent at Unique and learned much. Although, it took slightly more than 6 hours.

They (Unique) have a customer in me.(Here, I want to state that I am not related to Unique in anyway, business or otherwise.)

Hey Bextrauk, why don't you call Sherine personally and arrange for an appointment? I believe you too would enjoy it.
--- WindRider ---

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