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Understanding Solar Film

What is window film?
Window Film is a polyester film that is applied to automotive or flat glass windows for several reasons: privacy, heat or light rejection, security, or graphic design.

How does film reduce fading?
To understand the causes of fading, one must know a little about the makeup of sunlight.

Sunlight consists of three elements:

  • Visible light - the part that we see.

  • Infra Red - the part which we feel as heat.

  • Ultraviolet light-the part that we neither see nor feel but is the main factor in causing fabrics or furnishings to fade. Ultraviolet absorbers are used to stop UV at the film. The type, amount, and location of the absorbers in the product determine the film’s ability to reduce fading. Absorbers that are located in the adhesive only (blocking 95%-98%), instead of the film itself (blocking over 99%) are far less stable and enduring. All of our solar control products absorb more than 99% of the UV rays.

  • Miscellaneous interior artificial lighting, dye anchorage, and humidity.

  • Benefits of Window Film

  • Protects up to 95% of IR(Heat)
  • Blocks 99.6% of UV Rays
  • Cuts glare
  • Reduces electricity consumption from air conditioning
  • Protects against interior fading and skin cancer
  • Increases privacy and enhances aesthetics
  • Protects against shattered glass
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Resists scratches

  • Facts about Fading "As a Rule of Thumb"
    Laboratory studies of a large variety of fabrics and woods have shown significant differences in the color stability of these materials. Fabric fading results differ, depending on the fiber type, dye, color, stability, and/or pattern techniques. Expensive fabrics are not necessarily guaranteed to have fade protection.

    Natural wood finishes are much more stable than stains or finishes that alter the natural color of the wood. Wood may actually darken with prolonged exposure to UV rather than fade to a lighter color. The nature of certain delicate fabrics and dyes will lead to premature fading regardless of the application of window film or protective treatment.