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How do CS-II Paint Sealants work ?

If you were to look at your paintwork under a microscope, you would see that it isn’t smooth; it is full of holes and looks much like a sponge. Every time it rains, the average car soaks up over a pint of water. Just think about what else it soaks up! The environment is full of chemicals that harm paintwork, from acid rain to corrosive and oxidizing compounds deposited by rain.

Sealing the holes in your car’s sponge-like surface protects the paintwork and even makes it stronger and protects against minor scratches. Our CS-II Paint Protection not only seals the holes in the surface, it also locks the paintwork so environmental hazards are unable to damage the paint surface. The tough coating of our paint sealant also blocks harmful UV radiation, which can bleach the color from the paint.

More about CS-II Paint Protection.

CS-II is a paint protection sealant that extends the life of your car’s paintwork and has been in use for thirty years in the United States.. The sealant protects the paint against UV radiation, industrial fallout, etching and acidic rain, and just about anything that is detrimental to your car paint protection.

The paint sealant also improves your car’s cosmetic condition, giving it a showroom appearance, thus increasing your car’s resale value. Applying the sealant requires trained technicians who go through a series of detailed steps to produce the guaranteed finish.

The tools used to polish the cars are carefully selected to ensure that the result is satisfactory. Highly researched modifications are constantly being developed to offer strengthening protection for your vehicle.

Our various car care products and after-service car grooming bring valuable customers back to us year after year.

What is CS-II Paint Protection System
Vehicle owners are always looking for the optimum solution to ensure that their vehicles sparkle and look like new. The answer to the problem of keeping cars looking new is our paint sealant CS-II.

Advantages of CS-II
Strength increase in paint gloss and protection against oxidation, ultra-violet rays, acidic rain and even insects.

Benefits of CS-II
Unlike most paint sealants offered at car dealer shops or detail shops, which are based on modified silicone and slowly degrades during normal driving, CS-II Paint Protection is ceramic based and provides maximum enhancement and protection of automotive finishes.

How CS-II Works
CS-II paint protection is a unique and innovative ceramic-like polymer coating that utilizes advanced nano particles to provide maximum enhancement and protection of automotive finishes.

After your house, your car is probably the second biggest investment you will ever make.